Tibetan Bridge

In the heart of the Valnerina, a 517 meter long path that connects the village of Sellano to the castle of Montesanto.
The Tibetan bridge is the new attraction of the Valnerina: with an estimated travel time of 50 minutes, it overlooks the valley of the Vigi river at a maximum height of 175 metres< /strong>, which makes it the highest bridge in Europe like the Arouca 516 bridge in Portugal. The work, with a single span, has a discontinuous tread with 1023 steps (meaning that between one tread and the other there is a void which increases the adrenaline factor) and with a difference in height of 68 metresbetween the two stations. To cross the bridge you need a minimum height of 120 cm, a good state of mental and physical health and, obviously, not suffering from vertigo. Animals are not allowed. For the route, helmet, harness connected to the safety rope and gloves will be provided; a daily opening time of 8 hours is expected and a maximum of 100 people can be present on the bridge at the same time. The construction of the bridge cost 1 million 400 thousand euros, financed with the complementary fund to the Pnrr dedicated to the areas affected by the earthquake in central Italy.