Nocera Umbra

The city stands in the center of a mountainous area and is located on a rock spur guarding the confluence between a waterway, the Topino river, and a consular road, the Flaminia. Since the first Castellieri degli Umbri, the presence of man, over time, has shown a wise ability to integrate with the environment.

The perched appearance of Nocera, which currently has around 6300 inhabitants, testifies to its ancient defensive functions. The structure is, in fact, made up of concentric streets that rise towards the top of the hill on which the tower stands, the only remnant of the great fortress that dominated the town.

The hilly and mountainous geography of the Nocerino area and the structural imprint made up of fortresses and castles, which has been defined over time, still have a noticeable impact on the trend towards an interesting tourist development in the area. Nocera Umbra is far from; Perugia 60 Km. and Rome 170 Km. The appearance of the Nocerino area is more lively than ever.